Curtains Cristóbal, The enterprise




When it was founded:
We are a young company founded in June 1999. With much effort and love for our customers decoramos homes. The main feature is an effort to please our customers around (punctuality, professionalism and kindness)

The best thing about Curtains Cristóbal is the team of workers behind, as often express what we do not see but it is there, people who fondly make your home a welcoming place.

The decorative fabrics, is the ideal complement to a good environment. We can express saying that the curtains and upholstery us complete 50% of the home environment.


As trade decorating, we have tissues to be the ideal complement to your home. We design and develop our models, in the workshop from fabric, texture, color and design.
We shape their curtains starting from inside his home, to give them life with all kinds of details. We produce all types of curtains, drapes (silks, organzos, estropichatto, linens, quilts, guipurt) Yapares, prints, Japanese parrot, blinds, swaths of fabric, galleries wood, steel, aluminum, all in colors.
Also decoramos sofas with their play. Cogines and all-ordination to make the best environment.
And to say of linens, we do everything to measure, quilts summer duvets, covers northern covers canapés, road bed, amohadones, etc..



The best guarantees they give us, because all our jobs are covered by our professionalism. All tissues are guaranteed. According to its composition must dsarrollarse handling. We will advise on how to bring it to fruition.
We work with the best firms in the textile development both domestically and import.


Within our development also decoramos restaurants and lounges celebrations. Our decorators enhance the ambience of a living room with curtains, tablecloths, covers, holsters of chairs, napkins, etc.. All custom and proprietary.
For customers of a lounge / restaurant are happy and feel they have to see it. It's so beautiful colors and their environment, and this is done with the best fabrics, designs and environments. Our effort is developed for customers of the living room are at home.





Our Establishement in Alcantarilla