Tips for decorating your home.


Tips for decorating your home.


  • It must take into account several important factors to achieve a pleasant atmosphere at the same time practical. We must avoid having a curtain of the latest trend we can not open a window or darken a room with a very compact material.

    -- Always look far to suit space to decorate, it is sometimes desirable to cover only the window that cover the entire wall.

    -- Make sure that when the curtain is ready not hinder the opening of windows, air conditioning, etc..

    -- If chosen to put bar forging, wood or metal. Verify that it is possible to install. Beams, windows near the ceiling, doors, balconies, etc., may hamper optimal finish if it could be achieved with other systems.

    -- We need to check the performance of light in the room and adjust to it. In dark rooms is convenient to put light drapes, while big and bright windows in a more compact material we can help regulate the light in the interior.

    -- The curtains with presillas are a very decorative, but it is not recommended for curtains that open and close very often.

    There are many kinds of fabrics so we have to find the combination that best suits the area who wants to be decorated. Look for a fabric to match the sofas, rugs or furniture. This will get a more consistent and friendly.




A visillo usually accompanied by other fabrics, but now the trend is changing and conjuntados bars with forging or leaks wood can be perfectly alone, thus providing avoid overloading the room and get a great decorative effect. Of course the drapes are ideal for small rooms with low light.


Rasos, lonetas, chinillas, jacquares, etc.


They are more weight fabrics and bushy. We can also find many kinds and colors. When it comes to choosing one takes into account the kind of colors that predominate in the room. It can be guided by the color of the walls or the couch. A good option is to combine stamping and smooth. For example if you have a sofa of a plain colour, choose a curtain for stamping having any color as the sofa (This need not be the predominant one in the pattern). Conversely stamped with a sofa choose a curtain of a plain colour appropriate to the couch.



. These consist of a combination of several fabrics. It can do many combinations, but the determining factor is to succeed in this space. Depending on this can be recharged over a room with drapes, prints collected to the sides and fliers covering the top of the curtain or leave with a simple visillo and some falls flat without collecting.
A combination little used and gives very good results is the union of blinds and curtains



It is the most practical and simple to install. The material used in most of these cases is the loneta, a material easy to wash. The blinds are uniquely suited to youth rooms, offices or chambers games, that does not mean it can not be adapted elsewhere. In the dining room with a window and a door to the balcony is achieved by combining a great finish to the ground curtain on the balcony and only blinds covering the window.
The tone is the ideal blinds crude, a stronger color can also remove a lot of light to vary the color of this that enters the room. If a blinds it is necessary to combine it with a strong color (red, blue, brown ...) the best option is to choose a raw material and play a greca around the desired color.


Metal venetian blinds

.. Its use is the same as the blinds being recommended anywhere in the house except the kitchen. With this system we can achieve a great control of light passing inside, thanks to the adaptability of metal plates that make up these blinds.
The color can be varied even can be combined in various stripes of colors.

Quilts and comforters

These can be found in standard model or made to measure. You can combine perfectly with the blind, thanks to the coordinated who have the vast majority of the cloth.

For any questions or concerns regarding decoration contact us and we will try to give you new ideas that are adapted to your needs.
Our last advice is to entrust their projects decoration professionals.